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Jenny, an abandoned St Bernard

June 06, 2017
by Team RESQ

Almost two weeks ago, Jenny came to ResQ in a terrible condition. 

This 4-5 year old girl was found abandoned and came into RESQ bleeding, vomiting over a litre of blood, dehydrated, partially blind, disoriented, extremely high body temperature along with a dangerously low platelet count (tick fever).

Possibly bred in horrible conditions and neglected, this girl was critically ill. Because she is partially blind and was in immense pain, she was very aggressive and treating her itself became a huge challenge. She had already lost a lot of blood and we were extremely worried about her condition. 

She must have been kept this way for quite some time, in order for her condition to have become this bad.

  Jenny, the day she was brought to ResQ

Jenny, the day she was brought to ResQ


Now, It’s exactly twelve days that Jenny was brought to the ResQ centre. Since then, the team has worked diligently with Jenny to restore her back to health. We have managed to get her fever and vomiting under control but her partial blindness may be permanent. She has also learned to trust again and allows us to treat her willingly! Jenny’s recovery though heartening is far from complete. We estimate she will take at least another month before she is back to health a 100%. 

When people want to bring home exotic dog breeds, they fail to understand how they contribute to this problem. Jenny is just one, there are hundreds of others who suffer the same, or even worse, fates. We are thrilled to hear about the new Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules 2017. Let’s hope we see a change in not just the breeders and pet shops, but also people who indulge in purchasing these animals without doing any research.

 A happy Jenny, after continuous treatment and care from the ResQ Team


Update: Jenny has found a forever home, where she will finally get all the love, care and attention she was denined before she was rescued!

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