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Echo the Husky!

June 06, 2017
by Team RESQ

Why do humans abandon their pets?

We bring them into our home, post their cute pictures on social media, claim them to be our family member, but we disown them when it comes to taking care of them when they are ill. We wonder how society would react if it was done to a human?

Where a family abandons one of it’s members on street just because they don’t want to pay for their medical aid. It leaves us speechless how people fail to take ownership of their pets. When a family member is ill, we get them medical aid, take care of them, not abandon them. So why not look after our pets when they need us the most?

This sweetheart is a 3 year old Siberian Husky who was rescued from the streets a few days ago. We've named her Echo. 

Echo was left to fend for herself by her owners, after she developed pyoderma, a skin infection. Although perfectly treatable, the owners possibly didn't want to put in the effort or spend the money required for her to recover, and instead chose to abandon her. When we found her, Echo was completely disoriented, getting chased by dogs on the road and extremely scared. She had bleeding wounds on her back and was helpless and in pain.

We brought her to the ResQ Centre and are treating her here. Her physical wounds will heal with time, but the trauma of her old family abandoning her is going to stay. Miraculously, she still trusts humans and loves getting cuddles and baths.

We're doing everything we can to help her heal, not just physically but emotionally too. 


We are bursting at our seams, besides the hurt and injured Indies who get all our love at ResQ, the Bernards and Huskies getting abandoned are currently making us struggle for space and other resources. 



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