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Cat Rescued From the 7th Floor of a Building

March 02, 2018
by Team RESQ

We received a report about a cat that was stuck on the seventh floor of a residential tower in Pune. On learning that the cat had been stranded on the parapet for the last 8 days, we immediately rushed to rescue her.

Our team secured the perimeter with a net, and our team member Tuhin Satarkar descended from the roof towards the parapet where the cat was stranded.
Scared and unable to interpret the situation, the cat refused to come near us and climbed into a duct (which was a dead end).
After several hours of trying, we were forced to leave a cat trap with some food, hoping that the cat would take the bait and enter our trap.
In the evening, we received a call that the cat had indeed jumped into the trap that we had left for her. We immediately rushed back onsite and got her back onto safe ground. After ensuring that she was well fed and hydrated, we opened the trap and let her free.

The summers are hard for animals as they often end up getting injured or stuck in situations where they become helpless in search of food and water. Lend them a helping hand. Report a case on if you find an animal in distress.

Watch the full rescue here:

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