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Bob the Bull Calf

January 01, 2016
by Team RESQ

Today, while everyone was wishing each other Happy New Year, our first rescue call today was about this young BULL CALF who was found this morning with a fractured hind leg, barely able to move few steps at time.

His stomach is bloated and he has a terrible discharge from his nose. The vet is certain he has eaten a lot of trash and has accumulated foreign bodies (plastics etc.) in his digestive tract.

We have named this beautiful guy, BOB, who is now under treatment at theRESQ Centre. The vet believes his legs will get better in about 1.5-2 months. He is possibly going to need a surgery to remove the large amount of foreign bodies from his gastro-intestinal tract in a week or so from now.

Bob is a gentle young bull, and we really have our hearts set on his recovery! Let's pray this beautiful boy makes a full recovery!


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