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Puppy stuck in tar for days- Rescued!

October 16, 2017
by Team RESQ

Siri, an indie puppy, accidentally fell and got stuck in tar near a construction site.

After being stuck in tar for days she was brought to RESQCT in a distressed condition and grave pain. She was found by a couple of students who had to cut out the entire chunk of tar from the road to transport her to our centre for treatment. 


On arrival at RESQCT, our doctors examined her and found out that the puppy had a severely bloated stomach as she was unable to relieve herself ever since she got stuck. Her entire lower half of the body was fully covered in molten tar, that was getting rock solid with each passing second. She was also severely dehydrated due to the lack of food and water.


Without wasting a minute, our team began her treatment.

She was provided with fluid therapy to eliminate the dehydration. After scrubbing her body gently with oil massages and warm water baths for almost 3 hours at a stretch, our dedicated team was able to remove 70% of the tar from her body. After treatment, she took a long resting nap and had a hearty meal in days. 


To our relief, Siri urinated and passed stools that same evening, thus relieving the pressure on her tummy and reducing the bloat. This is when our team was fully sure, that this warrior spirited girl is going to live and make it through. 




In the following days, our team continued her treatment with regular medicated baths and supplements to energise her a little bit.

Only a week later, Siri was fully tar free and healthy again.

Playing in the paediatric unit and stealing everyone’s attention with her adorable and playful attitude was one of the reason why our entire staff fell in love with her. Giving animals like Siri, a second chance in life, is what gives us immense joy. 

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