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21 ResQ Beagles

January 27, 2017
by Team RESQ

21 Beagles were released from a pharmaceutical company near Pune where they were being used for Laboratory testing.


Bright and early on Friday morning, the ResQ team drove down to a pharmaceutical company near Pune, with their trucks and crates to pick up Beagles that were being released by the pharmaceutical giant. These 21 animals had been housed in the company for the past six years, where they were being used for laboratory testing.

These 21 beagles, who so far had only been assigned numbers, have been given their own names after arriving here at ResQ. Over the next couple of weeks, the dogs will be properly examined, neutered and be given lots of love and attention while they are at the ResQ Centre.

The team is working on a foolproof screening and adoption process to find these animals the best possible homes. The adoption process is being managed and facilitated in collaboration with the team of volunteers who handled the adoption process of the 242 beagles released to CUPA last year.

These animals have been subjected to various tests throughout their lives, never having seen the light of day or even stepped on real ground. It truly is heartbreaking to know how they have been kept in captivity, leading miserable lives. We can now give them a second lease on life and find them homes where they will finally get the love and care they deserve. 

Beagles are the most commonly used dogs in animal testing, due to their smaller size and passive nature. A favoured animal in toxicology studies, these dogs are often kept caged for years on end until their study is complete.


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