Awareness & Education

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.” - Dalai Lama

We never miss an opportunity to impart education or to spread awareness about what people can do to help a street animal and learn to peacefully coexist with animals in their living environment. We conduct school, college, corporate and community programs on request, and also distribute leaflets and posters in public places to ensure as many people know how to contact us in case they should encounter a hurt or injured animal.

Schools and Colleges

We conduct age-appropriate sessions called “Let’s Peacefully Co-exist in our Urban Ecosystem” for both schoolchildren and college students. These sessions cover street animals and urban wildlife (insects, reptiles and birds), and are tailored to what an individual child or teenager perceives at that age group, what they can do to help, and how they can protect themselves.

These sessions are generally conducted either at the school/college premises or at the RESQ Centre, for which the educational institution combines the education session with a field trip to the RESQ Centre and Hospital. This is extremely beneficial, as the children not only listen to the session, but also get to meet and interact with animals, making their learning experience all the more meaningful and complete.

Very often, schools organise several types of fundraising or collection activities for RESQ animals after the session and field trips so that the children can conduct the same with a sense of purpose and conviction.


We conduct similar programs for Corporates, during which attendees are made aware about why animals exist on the streets, what initiatives are being undertaken by RESQ in the city, what can they do to help reduce the conflict, how to deal with an animal emergency, why it is important to help animals, how to protect themselves in case they are scared of animals, what to do if they get bitten, and common myths are busted at these sessions.

Corporates often come in groups to volunteer for a few hours, a day, or a weekend at the RESQ Centre as part of their Social Activities. They also help by organising several types of fundraising or collection activities for RESQ animals.

Community Programs

We conduct education and awareness sessions with independent community groups or societies focusing on how we can come together to help reduce the human-animal conflict in their immediate environment. Very often, members of residential communities are spread between animal lovers and people who dislike animals. We use this opportunity to bridge the gap between them and find effective solutions to problems of both parties. Animal lovers, often ‘community animal feeders’ are educated on responsible animal feeding, vaccination, and animal birth control topics. Members are also educated on how to control the garbage in their areas and are spoken to about the benefits of having a few, yet neutered and vaccinated animals as community dogs. We also use these opportunities to bust common misconceptions about street animals. These sessions are conducted to promote harmony between community members to ensure the well-being and safety of animals, children, and adult community members alike. Most importantly, the community is also educated on “What to do in case someone gets bitten by a dog.”

Oftentimes, these programs are combined with an Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive around the building or society.

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