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Large Animals @ RESQ

March 10, 2016
by Team RESQ

"Resilience is very different than being numb. Resilience means you experience, you feel, you hurt, you fall. But you keep going on."

We're learning so much about resilience from these large animals who come to us in terrific pain and resist so little to the treatment. At RESQ currently, we have 6 large animals (cows & horses) who came to us in a bad shape.

Read their stories below:
Mira: Just last evening, Mira, an abandoned cow, arrived with a complete open fracture of her hind leg. We spent a long time trying to stop the bleeding and trying to stabilise her leg. We are considering a prosthetic leg for her provided we manage the funds and right support.

Kelly: arrived at RESQ last Sunday. She was found abandoned near a dairy farm with severe mastitis and several wounds. She was probably given an overdose of hormone injections to increase her milk output over a long period of time and over milked which had lead to her condition. She was lying flat for over a week before we got to her, which had lead to her wounds and sores.

After 4 days of intensive care and back breaking (it took 15 people every morning and evening to help her stand), she would still collapse in seconds. Today, finally she stood on her own and we are thrilled!!

In the picture: One of our staff, Pavan, early this morning, cleaning and removing some milk to relieve Kelly of her engorged udders.

Kelly is well on her way to recovery now!!

Maya/ Elmoo: Came to us pregnant with badly maggotted wounds on her hooves. We had received over different 5 calls for her as she was bleeding a lot on the road. She is doing much better and she delivered Elmoo, a baby boy, also at the RESQ Centre!

Melissa: the young wild horse, came to us with very bad wounds on her legs because they were tied up for very long. She has now almost recovered.

Sonya/Bob: is still around at our centre, he had a dislocated hip when he came. He has not fully recovered, but is getting better everyday.

Please SPREAD the WORD and help us raise funds especially for MIRA (needs a prosthetic leg) who has a long way to go before she heals because large animal treatments cost us even more than the smaller ones.

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