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Extraordinary Mothers - Gugu

May 20, 2017
by Team RESQ

There is no bond stronger than that of a mother and her children. Mothers will do everything in their power, and sometimes a little outside of it too, to make sure their children do not have to suffer.

One such mother is Gugu. She was hit in a car accident and paralysed. Unable to walk or even move much, she was completely helpless with six little puppies to look after. Her babies were all suffering from heat stroke and they all had to be rushed to the ResQ Centre.

After bringing them in and settling them down at ResQ, we were hoping for a quick recovery for Gugu and her pups, but she wasn’t doing so well. We tried everything we could, from nerve tonics to regular physiotherapy but Gugu’s condition kept deteriorating. But her six children, who were dependant on her for food and protection, kept getting healthier. Soon, they blossomed into mischievous and playful pups who were ready to go to their new homes.

A mother who was barely surviving herself, decided to stay strong for the sake of her babies and made sure all of them were well fed and healthy. It isn’t often that you see this kind of sacrifice made. Gugu’s amazing willpower ensured her puppies’ survival and we salute her spirit and determination.

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