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RESQ Kennels – March 2015

April 01, 2015
by Team RESQ

In our Trauma Kennels today, like always, some good stories and some not so.

Link (top left): Link’s tail was completely ripped off, our vet tried her best to even sew it back on, however, it had lost vitality. He is slowly recovering now.

Preeti (top right): Had a very deep maggotted wound, she is recovering very well.

Katey(bottom right): Accident case, paralysed for now. We fear she may even be pregnant so we’re being extremely about her medication. This one needs all your prayers.

Mickey (bottom left): recovered wounds and transformed personality…he is ready for release!

Pillu & Chotu (bottom left): both fracture fit and ready to release!

*chotu is looking to adopt a human…does anyone feel like being saved?:)* If yes, call us on 9373888500!

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