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Sponsor a RESQ animal!

The RESQ Rehabilitation and Rehoming Centre is home to some very special animals. There are some animals recovering at the RESQ Centre who either require a special medical procedure and long term care or animals who cannot go back to the streets, and continue to live in our Rehoming Centre until adopted.

Animals at RESQ could be an abandoned dhangar (local nomadic tribe)'s horse, an abandoned injured or non-productive cattle or an abandoned pet dog or cat that is either chronically unwell, its family structure changed, or simply abandoned because its family was moving and did not want it anymore. Most of them are abandoned pets who were left on the street to die, but were rescued and are now waiting for their forever home. Once recovered from their medical condition, these animals cannot be returned back on the street, because they simply would not thrive there. Our team will look after these animals until our RESQ Adoption Coordinator finds a suitable home for them to live the rest of their lives with love, joy, and dignity.

We need your help to give these animals the support, love and care they need while they are with us either recovering from unfortunate accidents and illnesses or rehabilitating at RESQ...

Female, 3 yr 1 mth
31% Sponsored
Male, 1 yr 1 mth
6% Sponsored
Female, 3 mth
31% Sponsored
Male, 5 yr 1 mth
43% Sponsored
Male, 8 yr 1 mth
15% Sponsored
Male, 5 mth
70% Sponsored
Male, 2 yr 1 mth
6% Sponsored
Female, 2018 yr 10 mth
53% Sponsored
Female, 4 yr 1 mth
17% Sponsored
Female, 1 mth
44% Sponsored
Male, 7 yr 1 mth
86% Sponsored
Female, 3 yr 1 mth
16% Sponsored
Female, 5 yr 2 mth
16% Sponsored
Female, 4 yr 2 mth
69% Sponsored
Male, 6 yr 2 mth
71% Sponsored
Male, 7 yr 2 mth
69% Sponsored