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Abandoned Persian Kitten..Eve

December 24, 2015
by Team RESQ

FOUND ABANDONED in Camp area, in a horrible condition, a 2-month old female Persian kitten arrived at RESQ on Christmas Eve today. It is only fitting that we name her 'EVE'.

Eve is suffering from a terrible skin condition, is completely malnourished and has wounds all over her body. She arrived scared after which we fed her some food (which she seems endlessly hungry for!!) and she has now settled into her bed in our Cattery.

Eve will undergo an extensive skin treatment protocol, fed the right nutrition and have her wounds dressed daily. The wounds will heal and the hair will grow...we are hoping she makes a full recovery and finds a loving home at the end of this.

If you would like to support her treatment, please share this post, donate, volunteer - we need support in every way possible for Eve and others like her at RESQ.

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