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Winky: from paralysed to walking

May 23, 2017
by Team RESQ

All of the animals that come to ResQ impact us in some way or another. Every once in a while, someone comes along who we can’t help but get really attached too. Winky is one such pup.

She came to us two weeks ago, after a trauma had left her paralysed. She also had a severe skin infection. A tiny, scrawny little thing, she couldn’t hold up her own weight to stand and could barely even move. A few days later, she developed a hernia on one side and we had to perform an emergency surgery for her to replace her spleen which had been displaced due to the trauma. Then, she lost nervous control of her muscles and visceral organs due to the trauma she’s been through. It seemed as though everything was going wrong for this girl.

Winky was given nerve tonics, physiotherapy and daily massages to ensure her digestive system works properly, along with a special diet of semi-solids which is easy on her system. We could see that she was really struggling to move, but that did not stop her from trying and her condition slowly began to improve.

Winky may be small in size, but her spirit is tremendous. At one point, we felt like there was no hope for her but this girl proved us wrong! Her's condition slowly improved and this girl has started to walk again!! We cannot express how proud we are of this little one and her determination to recover!

Her willpower keeps us going and encourages us to not give up easily, to keep trying even in cases where the chances of recovery seem slim.

Watch Winky’s recovery journey in the video below

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