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Acid Burn Case - Baadal and Bijlee

June 12, 2016
by Team RESQ

11 June 2016 >>>

Victims of cruelty with third degree acid burns, two dogs, Baadal and Bijlee, arrived at the RESQ Centre late this evening.

Baadal and Bijlee immediately received complete evaluation and treatment by RESQ veterinary doctors who have prescribed a meticulous line of treatment for them.

Bijlee is more critical of the two and we are doing our best to ensure they get the best possible treatment.
Our treatment goals for them are:
1) Ensure maximum comfort during treatment
2) Expedite the healing process
3) Prevent secondary infections
4) Ensure constant hydration

They were extremely cooperative during their treatment and their resilience just amazes us. They will be getting twice daily dressings with different topical healing ointments and breathable dressing material. In addition to that, they will be getting adequate fluid therapy, pain medication, antibiotics and specific nutritional supplements to address their high protein and micronutrient needs. We will be providing them soft clean surfaces to prevent any sores.

We are consulting surgeons and other experts and exploring any other options that can help them make a complete recovery.

We will be posting their updates here regularly.

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15 June 2016 >>>

Baadal and Bijlee who suffered third degree acid burns are progressing extremely slowly, but its definitely positive progress.

BAADAL is eating and drinking. His medication and dressing treatments are ongoing and he is extremely cooperative during the same. His wounds are extensive and will take time to heal.

BIJLEE is eating and drinking but her burns are more severe and blood values are not anywhere close to optimum. Even though one of her elbows is completely exposed and doctors feel she requires an amputation, surgery is NOT an option right now for Bijlee for 2 reasons: 1) She cannot be put under sedation and is not fit for surgery 2) She has absolutely no skin left there to suture. Our treatment plan is to currently stabilise her blood values, expedite the healing process and keep infection under control. She is very critical.

Help has been coming in generously and we thank every single person who has enquired and extended help, but their treatment is going to be a long and extensive process and we need all the help we can get.

We have made a structured regimen for the intensive and critical care of these two dogs. We require two things:

1) DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS (max 6 people)
- Willing to commit to come at the same time everyday for minimum 1 month. Please refer to the chart in the pictures and pick a slot which you would like to volunteer for. Volunteering would involve FEEDING WATER, LIQUID SUPPLEMENTS, CLEANING UNITS and HELPING WITH DRESSING. You can pick 1 slot or more. Please send an email to with Name | Mobile | Daily Slot Prefered. You will be informed by SMS about when and if you need to come.

- Dressing Supplies (Mixture of Burn Healing Ointments + NS + Collagen + Fresh Aloe + Sterile Bandages)
- Sterility and Sanitation Needs (Sterile Drapes & Disinfectants)
- Medicines (Antibiotics, Painkillers, Antacids, Intravenous Supplements & Fluids, Eye Drops and Medical Disposables)
- Food & Nutrition (Daily Food, Protein Supplements, Oils and Micronutrient Supplements)
- Foam (Yoga) Mats (Reqmt 4 mats/month)
Fund Requirement = Rs. 1961 per day for Badal & Bijlee combined

You can donate specifically towards them online towards their treatment or contact us for the same. PLEASE SHARE!


23 June 2016 >>> 

These two have made such positive progress in just 12 days and we thank every single person out there who have sent in funds and good wishes for them. These funds have enabled us to get them the best possible care, wound healing medications (collagen etc.) and maintain sterility (to avoid life threatening secondary infections).

*BAADAL* has made excellent progress! His burns are healing well, he is eating well and his blood tests are looking better. He is still kept in ICU however, we do take him out for extremely short periods and let him have quick pee! He's starting to show personality and tries to make a dash and run around. We are waiting for the day we can allow him to do so freely!

*BIJLEE* is making very slow progress. However, her tissues have finally turned nice and pink and that is a great sign which shows positive healing. Her exposed bones are covering up with the collagen used on her twice daily. She even attempted to stand up yesterday!! She was starting to get sores and thus we are shuttling her between a water and air bed. Doctors are still vary about her standing and walking but those calls are left for a little later when her blood reports are better and for a point where we can consider surgical procedures on her.

They still have a long way to go before their wounds heal and Bijlee can walk. Funds have been raised to suffice for 1.5 months, however, it is going to take minimum 4-5 months more for them to make a complete recovery.

28 June 2016 >>>

While Baadal is doing very well, Bijlee's condition has been extremely critical since yesterday. We are currently prepping for her blood transfusion which will happen now in an hour.

There have been a lot of you out there, who have been looking out for these two, please pray for Bijlee today. We are doing our best and hoping she continues to fight just as we are.

29 June 2016 >>>

Bijlee passed away. 

13 July 2016 >>>

Baadal is recovering very well and gets more time outside and fresh air as he progresses every day.


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