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The RESQ Rehabilitation and Rehoming Centre is home to some very special animals. There are some animals recovering at the RESQ Centre who either require a special medical procedure and long term care or animals who cannot go back to the streets, and continue to live in our Rehoming Centre until adopted.

The RESQ Dog Sanctuary and Rehoming Centre is home to some very special dogs. Some of the dogs who live with us permanently are abandoned and are either old or have chronic medical issues (and thus do have not been adopted into a family so far). Some of them came to us from the streets as rescues and some when their family members or owners passed away, and they have no one else to look after them. While we are open to giving them up for adoption into a family always, they live with us in a safe environment where they are loved by our RESQ team and staff members until our RESQ Adoption Coordinator finds a suitable home for them to live the rest of their lives with love, joy, and dignity.

We need your help to give these animals the support, love and care they need while they are with us either recovering from unfortunate accidents and illnesses or rehabilitating at RESQ...

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Help get us things we really need!

You can view a list of the things we need. Some of them are available on Amazon and you can send them directly to us, while some of them need to be procured from vendors directly. Some things cost nothing, and are items that may not be of use to you at home, but extremely useful for animals under rehabilitation and care.

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Gift a Donation

The second best thing after a gift itself is the way of giving it.

Gifting a donation is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. Over the years, we have had several people choose to donate on behalf of a loved one to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and wedding days, and bring a smile to their face while supporting an animal in need! Show someone you care by contributing towards a rescued animal's care on their behalf. Click on the button below to brighten their day today!

Gift a Donation

Stay updated and spread the word!

Joing our RESQ Updates channel on Telegram. Follow our social media channels, share our posts and stores, it not only helps spread awareness about animals but helps connect people to our common cause, you neever know - a single share could help save lives!

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