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Valentine's - the RESQ Way!

February 14, 2019
by Team RESQ

Valentine's Day is about celebrating the love you share for each other, but the more the merrier. Between all the rosy roses and chocolatey chocolates, don't forget about that eternal love from your furry family member, who might be sitting beside you and wagging his tail as you read this blog -- and so what so what if they can’t exactly decipher a calendar?

If you’re fortunate enough to share your life with a dog -- Congratulations! You already have the world's best Valentine! Your hooman valentine may not always have your back… but your furry companion will always be there for you! Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than a special Valentine's Day as an act of reciprocating your love.

So amidst your busy schedule, go ahead, plan an outing with your dog... and trust us when we say, you will love the change! Of course, roses may not seem like the way to go, and chocolate is definitely a bad idea -- but there are other ways in which you and your furry friend can rise to the occasion.

Not too sure how to go about it? Here are some cool ways to spend Valentine's Day with your pet!

1. Love is in the Air!

If your dog's idea of the perfect day involves fetching a frisbee, take him to a park! If he loves going on walks, put on your shoes and get started. Whatever you do, remember: it's all about celebrating your love for them. Relax and take a moment to spend some quality time with your buddy!

2. Pawfect Toy!

Chewing away to glory!

Pick out a new toy, or better yet: let them explore the store and choose their toy! If your pet enjoys some playtime with other furries, invite them over for a good time. Puppy play dates are always fun, and even cats like playing with their fellow felines.

3. Netflix and Chew

Cook up a pet-friendly meal. If your Valentine’s Day ritual is to stay at home in your pyjamas and watch a movie (hint: Homeward Bound or 101 Dalmatians), why not do it with your mutts? Snuggles and popcorn whilst lounging together on the couch are a sure-shot way to strengthen your relationship. After all, ‘Netflix and Chill’ can easily be adapted for pooches. Simply replace the “chill” with your brand new chew toy (see step 2), and your pet will definitely feel like he’s gotten the best hooman ever!

4. Pamper them with a Special Treat

The day beckons a drool-worthy treat!

You know what food gets your beloved pet drooling. Make sure you steer clear of sweets and candies when picking out the purrfect V-day treat for your furrs and purrs. Pet stores have some truly mouthwatering treats in store for your little ones, and it’s worth the trip to explore their range! If you enjoy cooking, bake your own version of pupcakes or muffins. Don’t forget to whip up a little extra and donate to your local animal shelter.

5. Picture Pawfect

Because priceless moments must be captured!

We’re sure your phone's photo gallery is already full of endearing pictures of your pets -- but aren’t professional pet portraits just a sweeter indulgence ?! Bonus points if your Pet Portrait Photographer donates proceeds to charity!

6. Lather Up this Valentine’s Day!

One task that's absolutely worth it!

It may not sound very romantic, but making a date to get your dog groomed is a great way to show love. Lather up those bubbles and use a delightful smelling dog-friendly shampoo. Brush your dog’s teeth and go that extra mile for a dental check-up with your vet. Go all out and clean your pup’s bedding (extra fluffy and bouncy bedding appreciated).
(Tip: Be ready for the post-bath zoomies!)

7. Suit up!

Does your pup need a new collar? Hold on, it’s Valentine’s Day after all -- let’s rephrase that. Does your pet want a new collar? If so, get them a new collar!
Don’t forget to go the extra mile and get name-tags that reflect your current contact information.

8. Ignite the Philanthropist in you!

Every bit counts!

Make a donation to your favorite rescue center (Hint: RESQ!) in your dog’s name. Your dog already has the best gift -- you! Sadly, there are too many dogs out there who don’t have amazing humans to look after them. Many are still waiting for the day a kind family chooses to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, so do consider giving a little back to those who need it most.

9. Engage in PDA

Slurpy kisses must be documented!

Share your story of love with others. Don’t forget to take pictures and let the world know of your special day on social media. Visit pet-friendly restaurants, and add adventure to your day by enjoying some quality time together. Take up our #RESQValentineChallenge and share pictures of you celebrating Valentine's Day with your pet!

10. Bonus Tip

Pure. Perfect. YES, Please!

Don't have a date this Valentine's? Visit the RESQ Centre to have your heart positively brimming with love! After all, if there’s anyone who knows how to love -- it’s a #RESQ dog!

Whether Valentine’s Day is your thing or not, make it special by involving your best four-legged friend. After all, they deserve some extra attention in their own right for all the unconditional love they shower you with 365 days of the year!


Special thanks to our fantastic volunteer, Aishwarya Deshmukh, for sharing this blog post edited by the RESQ team!

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