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We're all COVID vaccinated 2x and the RESQ Clinic is now open!

September 15, 2021
by Team RESQ

COVID vaccinated 2x!

For all of you who were wondering when RESQ Centre will be open again…well, now finally! We worked through the pandemic all the way from Janta Curfew that was announced on 23rd March, 2020. Since then, there has not been a single day that the RESQ Centre had anything less than 200+ animals at any given time. Yes, we limited our operations to safeguard our team’s exposure to COVID, especially our street animal OPD/Clinic, which used to see between 50-100 visitors a day on an average. However, our teams were out rescuing animals, domestic and wild, every single day.

COVID times have been hard. We lost one of our dearest employees and ace rescuer, Sagar Kale. Losing him was a catastrophic loss for us, and while many of our team members were shaken up, we continued to work, in whatever way we could, for the love of animals. Even with limited operations, we have provided medical aid and rescue to over 6000+ animals, domestic and wildlife, in just 2021 already. But I am finally happy to announce that we are all 2x vaccinated against COVID now and ready to open up! Also, our new website is up, do check it out: [](

To provide clarity, here are the verticals RESQ currently runs…

(A) Technical Animal Rescue: For all animals, species no bar (aerial/ underground, natural/man-made disaster situations)

(B) For Street Animals (Small and Large Domestic)
(1) Free RESQ OPD/ Clinic
(2) RESQ IPD/ Hospital for sick and injured
(3) Sahjeevan Program (animal birth control program for street dogs and cats)
(4) Adoption/ Rehoming program

(C) Wildlife Rescue for Birds, Reptiles and Mammals & TTC (Rehabilitation Hospital)

1. Helpline and Webline: We receive between 80-150 calls on our helplines daily. Please have patience if you cannot get through the phone, try again in a while. Sometimes it is busy because we are talking to another reporter with an emergency and sometimes it may be out of coverage due to network issues out of our control! Helpline is on between 10:00 and 5:00 pm. After 5:00 pm, please report the case on our Webline (, which is back online and one of our team members is always monitoring it for major/ life-threatening emergencies.

2. We may not be able to help every animal that gets reported to us, we do as much as we possibly can depending on the resources we have available at that time– whether vehicles, staff, or space to house animals. What we will NEVER do (especially now that our RESQ Clinic is open!) is refuse an animal life-saving emergency medical treatment if brought into our OPD/ RESQ Clinic.

3. RESQ Clinic Timings: RESQ Clinic timings are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. After 5:00 pm, our vets will attend only critical/ life-threatening/emergency cases. If you need to bring in an animal after 5:00 pm, please get a confirmation to do so from our Helpline Manager. If you come without intimation/ confirmation from our team, the security at the barricades installed by the society on the base of our hill may not let you up or our staff may not be available to open the gates.

4. Admission: Please remember that admission of an animal will be strictly based on space availability (if a human hospitals beds are full – even they do not admit more than their capacity! Similarly, we do not compromise on animal care for the same reasons)

5. Onsite Cases: We will be starting onsite rescue services in certain areas of Pune shortly. Currently, RESQ ambulances are only attending to rescue calls for cases that can be admitted.

Visitors and Volunteers

Timings for Visitors (fully vaccinated only!) is daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. As before, we will do RESQ Centre Tours starting at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm in groups of 10 maximum. So, if you want to see the RESQ Centre and meet the animals, please make sure you come on time. Volunteering and Internships will be starting soon. Stay posted for updates!

The animals and humans at RESQ look forward to seeing you all again!

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