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Rani and her 6!

January 28, 2016
by Team RESQ

RANI's delivering right now at the RESQ Centre!

Rani came to us 2 days ago with an extensive TVT (vaginal tumour) and pregnant! One look at her and we knew she was going to deliver any day soon. We were unsure about how the pups were doing inside and stressed about the delivery process because of the location of the tumour.

She has delivered two pups so far, and the latest news from our Centre Director, Fiyana Elavia (currently acting as midwife for Rani!!) is that we have 2 more pups, all FOUR doing fine. Rani is exhausted and has her head on Fiyana, who is unable to leave the centre because she doesn't know if there are more pups on the way!

Rani and her pups will be with us for a while till she is fit to get treatment for her tumour. Let's send all the love to this strong girl whose made it through a tough delivery...and send her luck for a tough treatment ahead for her cancer.


Below: Rani and her pups @ 1 week



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