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Maya: staying strong on 2 legs

May 28, 2017
by Team RESQ

Disability is a matter of perception. What do you call a dog whose been run over by a train, lost both hind legs and boldly shows the spirit to fight and live? Maya.

This girl was hit by a train, at a station near Talegaon. Both her hind legs were smashed in the accident and completely severed. Her pain tolerance is commendable: she dragged herself to the side of the road even after the injury. Her spirit is intact: she is friendly and is allowing us to treat with no resistance.

She still managed to drag herself to the side of the road where she was found by some people nearby. By the time we reached her, she had suffered tremendous blood loss. She was in great pain but stayed calm until we managed to bring her to the Centre. Maya’s remaining leg stumps have multiple fractures, with bone fragments stuck in the surrounding skin and muscle. She will soon need an amputation surgery to remove her remaining leg stumps to make it easier for her to move around.

Its only been two weeks since Maya was brought to the centre, and she has already started to walk (hop) around by herself. We're incredibly proud of her and the recovery she is making in such a short time! Her amputation surgery will be scheduled soon.

Maya is a brave girl and a fighter. We’re doing everything we can to help her recover, but it is going to be a long time before she is completely okay again. Her treatment is going to be intensive and the costs are going to be high. We would really appreciate all the help we can get. If you would like to help with Maya’s medical costs, you can make a contribution on here

Watch Maya's video below

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