August 10, 2017
Have you ever wondered how the animals at the RESQCT are named? Read the complete explanation by our very own vet Dr.Indrakshi Banerji.
July 28, 2017
A walk down memory lane with Martin, a dog rescued and rehabilitated 10 years ago!
July 18, 2017
Do you find yourself Baby Talking to your animals? Do not worry because you are not the only one. Read on to know Jr. Veterinarian Indrakshi's take on "Baby Talk"
June 21, 2017
We were called to rescue a puppy which had fallen into an underground storm water drain, and had been stuck inside for 8 days!
June 08, 2017
Anya Divekar, a student from Mercedez Benz International School, saw the plight of injured animals on the streets and decided to do whatever she could to help!
June 06, 2017
Jenny is an abandoned St Bernard who was brought to ResQ partially blind and vomiting blood
June 06, 2017
Echo was abandoned by her owners after she developed a terrible skin infection
May 29, 2017
Richa Chadha visited the ResQ Centre to make a difference in the lives of rescued animals
May 28, 2017
Maya lost both her hind legs in a train accident, but she hasn't lost her will to survive!