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RESQ Street Animals

RESQ Street Animals

Animals that get stuck in difficult situations (heights, depths and water) are rescued by our technical animal RESQ team. Besides rescuing animals in distress, we run an animal hospital (in-patient care) for injured and sick domestic animals (large and small) who require treatment or surgery. Our domestic animal sanctuary provides lifetime care for animals who have either lost their homes and families in unfortunate incidents.

1. Street Animal Hospital and Sanctuary

Injured in accidents, stomachs filled with plastic, and sometimes as victims of human-inflicted cruelty... dogs, cats, cows, horses, donkeys, goats, and other larger farm animals get reported on our RESQ Helplines. Especially for farm animals, who require special medical procedures followed by long-term care, they continue to live in our RESQ Animal Sanctu¬ary until we find them a suitable home/farm to get adopted into.

2. Technical Animal Rescue

From urban city areas, the domestic animals we get maximum calls are for cats, dogs, and cattle who are either stuck in overground or underground sit­uations. Often it is a cat or dog who has, unfortunately, landed itself on a high-rise ledge or fallen down a stormwater drain, and cattle that may have fallen into large tanks or sewer canals and are unable to get back out on their own. Sometimes, they are reported stuck in metal gates or precarious places which require us to carefully remove them using specialized equipment in order to cause the least stress and no further injury during the rescue. We have a team that is trained in technical rescue and animal behaviour to strategize and handle these situations successfully.

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RESQ Data Management System

All RESQ data is recorded and managed in the Online Data RESQ Management System (RMS). The RMS is a web-based animal rescue organization management system that was developed in close coordination with the working team at RESQ. It serves two main functions:

1) Records Animal Data: The RMS tracks the animals from the time they are reported, and is also used to streamline the logistics of an ambulance response. It is used to maintain detailed animal/patient records, and the system allows veterinarians to log in daily progress charts while the animal is under treat­ment.

2) Donor Management: The RMS maintains the organisation's contact database, aids in facilitating smoother donor relations, and enables the use of an efficient donation receipt system.

Benefits of the RMS: The RMS allows the management team to gain quick overviews of the organisation's position — whether animals or finances — which are critical in decision-making and planning. It allows the senior management to assign tasks, ensure accountability of work done, establishes internal transparency, and ensures that all records are easily accessible at any given time or place. It also eliminates paper use, communication errors and improves efficiency. The RMS is also used as a repository of data to determine outbreaks of diseases, identify problem areas, and accurately arrive at sta­tistics valuable to measure impact in animal welfare.

Donate for Street Animals

You can support a technical animal rescue for animals who are stuck in distress situations or virtually adopt a RESQ Sanctuary animal - one that has been rescued and now needs medical aid rehabilitation or lifetime care. Alternatively, you can sponsor a female sterilization surgery to improve acceptability for the dog in the community as she will not be causing a further rise in the population there.


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You can view a list of the things we really need. Some of them are available on Amazon and you can send them directly to us, while some of them need to be procured from vendors directly. Some things cost nothing, and are items that may not be use to you at home, but extremely useful for animal under rehabilitation and care.

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