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An update from RESQ during the COVID Lock-down..

April 29, 2020
by Team RESQ

 It has been over a month since the COVID-19 Lockdown began, and we at RESQ have been working every single day through it. To say the least, it has been challenging.

When the lockdown began…we told the majority of our team to stay home and safe. The rest of us, split ourselves into 3 teams. One team, including veterinarians and caretakers, would stay and take care of the 150+ animals in-house at the RESQ Centre and Sanctuary. Two teams would attend to the rescue calls for animals on field.


Through the lockdown, we have rescued scores of animals: abandoned pets, injured and sick dogs, cows, horses, donkeys and even an emu. We’ve rescued dogs, deer and leopards from wells, birds stuck in trees and high-tension wires, kittens from drain pipes and cows fallen in tanks. Between the domestics and wildlife, there’s barely an animal we ever refuse help to if we have the capacity and resources to be able to.

We put up a crowdfunding campaign to help us continue our rescue work and to feed animals who were facing hunger because of the lockdown. Over 33,000 kilos of food and 3 lakh meals have been distributed across our network of volunteers who are feeding dogs, cats, horses and cows in Pune, PCMC, Lonavala, Matheran and Nashik….and it’s not even close to enough.

The lockdown has extended and it’s only getting harder. This is a challenging time for everyone in more ways than one. Animals need our help as much humans do, now more than ever. An amount as little as Rs. 500 could mean that 3 dogs go to sleep tonight with food in their bellies or that ambulance can run 100 km more and rescue animals who depend on us for their help.

You can support the work we do for animals by contributing towards our fundraising efforts: Click to Donate

Share the word about our campaign and about the work we do. Follow us and feel free to use the media on our social media pages to raise awareness about the animals. We are so grateful to you for being a support to the animals in these difficult times.

With love, peace and determination 💛


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