RESQ Management Team

Note from the Founder and President

“Grow through, what you go through.”

RESQ started in 2007 based on the vision of two individuals, Tanya Kane and myself, whose biggest motivation was the lack of a trauma emergency service for animals in the city of Pune. A viral distemper case we found did not receive help for more than 18 hours and eventually died. This was the catalyst and we decided that instead of pointing fingers at the lack of help available, it was up to us to find a solution.

What began as a small onsite rescue operation in 2007, has now grown into a full-fledged RESQ Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre that has provided medical aid and a second lease on life to over thousands of animals. In the last 12 years RESQ has grown – in strength, courage and dedication of the core RESQ team, expansions in the infrastructure of the RESQ Hospital and Rescue Centre, a marked increase in the number of hands-on volunteers, in overwhelming love from online supporters, development and intensification of awareness, education and outreach projects, and more than anything else, a massive leap in the numbers of animal lives saved this year.

As our numbers increased, we faced a multitude of challenges including shortage of infrastructure, staff, and improvising systems and protocols along with shortfalls in funding for rescue operations. With the support of a proactive team and unfaltering dedication, the challenges we faced were met with positive actions. Along with more systematic Hospital Management Practices, we have implemented an automated online RESQ Management System, which enables us to track an animal from reporting to release. We introduced a Rescue Helpline to increase the ease of reporting and provide faster responses to animal emergencies in the night hours, and continue to maintain a Rescue Phone from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. The RESQ staff undergoes continuous training to improvise animal care practices and work towards raising shelter animal healthcare standards.

RESQ has emerged as one of the leading Animal Welfare Organisations in Pune over the last few years and conducts the largest number of rescues city-wide, crossing an average of 800+ cases per month.

I would like to thank our well-wishers, volunteers, donors, friends, and families for their immense support, without which it would be impossible for us to continue our work for these voiceless animals. Thank you for your kindness, faith and trust in RESQ. Above all, I would like to thank the core team of RESQ who very often work tirelessly day and night, for hours without meals and weeks without leaves. As I often think to myself, “I do not know what the animals and RESQ would do without all of you.”

With joy, peace and determination,

Neha Panchamiya
President, RESQ Charitable Trust

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