What is HALO?

It truly is one of the hardest things when a pet passes away..for some it's like losing a friend, for some a family member and for some, like a limb. We feel the anguish of pet owners when their pets pass away and there is no place to bury a loyal family member.

We operate an animal hospice near Chandni Chowk, Bavdhan, on the city outskirts where it is green and serene.

One of the services ResQ offers is a ‘private pet cemetery’ called “HALO” (Helping Animals Live On) in a separate area on the ResQ Centre land where your pet can be buried with the dignity and respect it deserves after the years of affection and loyalty it has given you.

How does it work?

On intimation to the Burial Helpline (86988-77119) of your pet's demise, if transport is available, ResQ will send its ambulance to the house and pick up the animal. If transport is unavailable, you will have to bring your pet to the ResQ Centre. On the land in the ResQ Centre, earmarked for burial, the pet will be given its final resting place (with all environmental norms observed).

If the owner wishes to have a long-term memorial at the site, a tomb-plate can be made with words of their choice. These services can be availed of, with a stipulated donation to the welfare of the animals at ResQ.


HALO - Helping Animals Live On

Donations from the burial are utilised towards the NGO's stray animal rescue work to Help Animals Live On (HALO). In this way your pet will be contributing to granting a new lease of life to other animals.

HALO Pet Burial Helpline


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