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The darkest nights produce the brightest stars

April 16, 2016
by Team RESQ

"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.." ‪#‎supportfortara‬

Meet TARA: The story behind how she ended up like this remains unclarified, however, she came to RESQ a week ago in a condition demanding critical care because she has severed BOTH her legs and her tail.

What she has is STRENGTH because is trying hard (and managing sometimes) to hoist her entire body up on her two front legs and move forward. She has gentle and cooperative, even after all the trauma she has been through.

At RESQ, we want to give TARA a shot at recovery and at LIFE. She requires another surgery to close up her exposed bones and ensure complete wound healing. She needs intensive care and recovery can take up 6 months. She already has a team of doctors and caretakers working on her everyday at the RESQ Centre.

If you would like to support Tara's treatment - please use our Online Donation Link or other options mentioned there to contribute:

We expect to spend upto Rs. 12,000-15,000 towards her surgery, nutrition and other care requirements over a period of 6 months. ANY help in any size will be appreciated!

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