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Hit by Cars and Left to Die: 4 Bravehearts who REFUSE to Give up!

January 23, 2019
by Team RESQ

It’s late into the night. The road looks like a picture that must have inspired several wordsmiths: no traffic, no human in sight, just a line of lamp posts, some dimly lit windows in unilluminated buildings and a series of cars parked one behind the other, abiding the P1 and P2 law.

Oh here comes a car, with its glaring headlights, a rather fast speed and not a very steady steer! *screech*, *squeal* and a crackle later there goes someone with an impairment to live with for the rest of their life!

Hold on, before you wonder who was it or WHAT was it? It’s a life and that’s all that we should be concerned about!

A scenario that has become a constant in our daily lives, hit-and-run cases are costing us lives of both humans and animals alike. While there’s a strong punishment for hit-and-run cases of humans, law enforcement somehow remains mellow towards cases involving animals -- street dogs being the most susceptible to this hideous crime!

We cannot even begin to let you in on the cases of hit-and-run we are reported with on our helpline every month. But here’s a little insight -- statistically, we get approximately 80-100 hit-and-run cases of dogs per week!

In less than a month itself, we have four cases of dogs: -Jimmy, Tiger, Mitsy, and Odie, all of whom have been victims of hit-and-runs. With the inevitable fractures, these pooches have incurred several injuries and been wronged for sleeping on the streets that are their homes! Neither of them must have ever thought that getting some cosy shuteye on a cold January night would cost them their bones and other parts.

Here’s all you need to know about how these babies today lie in miserable conditions, seeking your love and support.


This handsome lad had his hind leg completely fractured to some New Year’s Eve reveller! Jimmy was reported to us by the kind locals from his locality after he was knocked off and left to suffer in his pain by the ruthless driver. The Braveheart that he is, Jimmy is slowly recuperating at the RESQ Centre as our vets administer pain-killers and other medication for his swelling. However, only surgery of his fracture and good post-operative care can bring him complete, long-term relief!

2. Tiger

As you can see, Tiger is a large, two-year-old, dog and it only makes us wonder, “How could someone not have seen him?!” Worse still, Tiger even had a reflective collar around his neck! It can only take an appalling amount of indifference to run over him and leave him to die like that on the streets. When he was brought in, Tiger was in great pain, so much so that it took quite a while for him to get friendly to his surroundings and realize he is now in safe and loving hands!

3. Mitsy

Mitsy is 1.5 years young, and is one of the friendliest dogs we have ever met! Unlike Tiger, Mitsy had no collar but better luck than him. While she had her front legs run over by an ignorant driver, she was fortunate enough to be surrounded by vigilant locals who reported her almost immediately to us!

4. Odie

This poor fellow can be said to be the one with the least luck of all! He has been a victim of a hit-and-run not once, but twice! The little fellow who donned an already-broken front leg from the first accident was found on the streets of Warje. Odie’s determination healed his first injury, a broken leg, by itself. The second accident injured his second leg pretty badly leaving no scope for healing on its own. This required Odie to be operated on at an emergency. No stranger to the cruelty of humans, Odie overwhelms us with how he’s still so loving and trusting of us!

As you can see, the four have still not recovered completely after undergoing their complex orthopaedic surgeries. They are in grave need of your support for their post-operative care. This is your chance to come forward and make a difference if you too, like us, believe in equality of life! Love, support and even the smallest of contribution can go a long way in determining the future of these innocent dogs, whose only crime was sleeping in the place they call home.

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