Animal Rescuers 2017

“Over 800 animals in distress are reported to RESQCT every month in the city of Pune alone. As an organisation they are doing their best but we want to appreciate, acknowledge and encourage individuals who go the extra mile for an animal in need of help all over the country!” - Ivy Pro School

The incidences of animal emergencies and cruelty have sky rocketed in the recent years. In the midst of this uprising turmoil, there exist INDIVIDUALS who have stood up and gone out of their way to help these voiceless animals. We believe Animal Rescuers need to be celebrated in order to inspire more citizens of our country, as quoted by Gandhi, “the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated!”

Who is an animal rescuer? An individual who may be involved in a one-off animal rescue or someone who rescues animals on a daily basis. Every life matters, no rescue is too big or too small.

Submissions for Animal Rescuers 2017 have ended and we thank you for taking the time and initiative to be part of this nation wide endeavour to appreciate animal rescuers and to inspire more people to help rescue, save and rehabilitate animals!