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A young Doberman was spotted running helter-skelter in Bhugaon for a few days. There were even a few attempts to catch it but the skittish dog would immediately run away when we approached. Finally, a kind resident of Bhugaon lured in the dog with some food. It took him some days of trying but he managed to tie the dog and reach out to RESQ. We were able to securely bring this boy back to the RESQ Centre where he was named Wyatt.

Unfortunately, his time on the streets left him with maggot infested wounds in both his ears, possibly from getting into a fight with other dogs. Luckily the wounds are superficial and he is responding well to treatment. He is really turning out to be a very loving boy and we know he will make a lovely addition to anyone's family.

If you'd like to adopt this beautiful Doberman, all you have to do is fill out the Adoption Typeform here:


Meteos is an unfortunate cat who was abandoned at RESQ in the dead of the night alongside his brother Thanos. The two cats were left at RESQ's gate in individual cat crates in the month of November. They had no protection against the rain and the cold. There were identical notes attached to each crate describing that their owner would not be able to look after the animals. It was mentioned that the cats are 7 years old, vaccinated, neutered and need to go home together as they are brothers. 

It bothers us SO MUCH that the owner of these cats could do so much for these animals for close to a decade and then decided to show no spine or integrity and tell us openly that they were not capable of continuing to care for the cats. We at RESQ have always believed that there is always another option besides abandoning an animal. 

We need to find a good home for this handsome boy and his equally handsome brother. Please click the Donate button if you wish to contribute towards their care and expenses while they stay at RESQ's Rehoming Centre. 

If you wish to adopt Meteos, his brother or BOTH these wonderful cats, you can go to and fill the Adoption Typeform.


Jackie was found abandoned on the roadside, scared and confused. At first glance, one might see him as an “aggressive German Shepherd” — but if one were to look closely, you’d see that Jackie has a HUGE maggot-infested wound between his shoulder blades! All that pain and untold suffering has made him very apprehensive around people… but we’re not giving up. Jackie is currently receiving regular wound dressings, medication, and some desperately needed nutritious food. He is also receiving behavioural training and infinite love and care from our team, all of whom are working so hard to help ease this sweet dog on the road to recovery. It would mean so much to us if you could contribute a small amount to help support Jackie’s treatment! If you’d like to adopt him please fill out our Adoption Form.


This adult Pomeranian boy was found abandoned with a terrible skin condition. He is slowly recovering at the RESQ Centre, and once he has grown his beautiful fur back and no longer needs medical intervention, he will be looking for a forever home! Stark is a sweet dog who is friendly but wary around strangers — once he overcomes his initial hesitation, though, there’s nothing like the joy of having earned his trust. If you’d like to adopt Stark, please reach out to us!


When this sweet, loving, loyal Labrador girl contracted a skin condition, her owners chose to abandon her. Rather than receive some much-needed medical help for her painful skin infection, this poor dog was let down by the only family she had. Despite the trauma of abandonment, however, Lucy is extremely loving and is working hard to overcome her skin condition, after which she will be looking for a new family that will love and cherish her to the moon and back… just the way she deserves! If you’d like to be the one to bring hope and love into this 3-year old Labrador’s life again, please contact us now!


Calvin is the quintessential Labrador: he is always happy, full of energy, and adores being the center of attention! He is a young, healthy dog who urgently needs to find a new home, as a hospital environment such as ours is not the best place for a healthy boy like Calvin. If you’d like to be the one to give this sweet dog the happy future he deserves, please fill in our Adoption Form on today!


Luna loves people and attention. After being rescued from the dog meat trade in Mizoram, Luna often seeks love and assurance from those she trusts. She's a 2-year-old cutie who loves to play and go on walks. But most of all, she would love the chance to welcome her family home. If you'd like to receive the warmest of welcomes every single day, please consider adopting Luna. To do so, please write to us today!


Michael is one of the older RESQ Warriors at 9-years-old and has seen a lot of unhappiness. Now that he's been rescued from the dog meat trade in Mizoram and is at the RESQ Centre, he's finally learning what happiness is. This senior boy is a quiet gentleman who loves meals and naps. But what he wants most in the world is a special family that will love him. If you're looking for a napping partner, Michael may just be the right dog for you! To adopt this sweet boy, please write to us today!


Stella came to RESQ with an awful leg fracture which has now almost healed. With her recovery journey coming to an end this sweet 3 month old puppy is looking for the perfect family to adopt her! Stella is a fluffy, cuddle loving beauty who's looking for the perfect cuddle partner. Do you think that could be you? If you'd like to adopt Stella, please get in touch with us today. 


Amy was receiving treatment for a small rash on her face, but her owners allowed her condition to worsen until her face became unrecognisable. She was abandoned when her owner decided he no longer wanted to be responsible for her. At the  RESQ Centre, Amy finally received all the treatment and care that she was denied, along with plenty of love to let her know just how special she is! Amy loves people and is quick to ask for cuddles -- she was neglected for so long that the smallest of loving touches sends her into a blissful state! This 1.5-year-old Labrador Retriever girl loves long walks and knows all her basic commands. She gets along well with other dogs and will always greet you with a huge smile and lots of love every time you come home! If you'd like to come home to this sweetheart every single day, please get in touch with us today!