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Simsim the calf was found wandering the streets all alone. We don't know how she became separated from her mother, but we were doubtful that she would make it on her own. She has been receiving supplements, plenty of good nutrition and lots of love, but what Simsim REALLY needs is a loving home. This adorable 4-month old calf is affectionate and friendly, and needs to be adopted by someone who will give her the happy life she deserves. If you have space on your farm or a large patch of land in need of a lovely girl like Simsim, please contact us right away!


We don't know how Tuli sustained her injury, but she came to RESQ with a damaged nerve which had caused her to drag her leg. Although we tried every single thing we could to save her leg, to ultimately give Tuli her best shot at living a happy and pain-free life, we had to amputate the damaged leg. Once Tuli fully recovers, she will be looking for a loving and understanding home that will welcome her for the amazing cat she is. She is a beautiful 2-year-old cat who is sweet and friendly, and would be best suited to a farmhouse where she can wander freely. The being said, Tuli would also adjust well to being indoors all the time — all she really needs is love and care. Please contact us today to adopt Tuli!


Porthos was reported to us with a bad burn injury which cost him his leg. But this tough boy refused to give up and even though he has needed painkillers to walk, Porthos is determined to keep trying. He has been having a hard time adjusting to losing his leg, but he is getting there... one small step at a time! Porthos is a sweet, fluffy little boy who loves his cat naps. He enjoys a good head pat, but he needs a little time to trust and love you. Once he does, however, he’ll be the BEST napping companion! If you'd like to share your love for naps with Porthos and take him home, please contact us today.


Maahi is just about one of the cutest kittens we've ever seen. Incredibly tiny, this playful little kitten came to us under sad circumstances. She was likely involved in a hit-and-run accident which resulted in a broken jaw. This 2-month old cutie has a strong fighting spirit and will heal up to be as good as new in no time! If your home has space for a happy, playful and immensely cute kitten that will grow to be a beautiful and confident cat, please contact us now!


Sanju was found abandoned and weak at only 5 months of age! Now completely healthy, 1-year-old Sanju is looking for his forever home. This beautiful orange tabby is a high-energy cat who loves to play — just give him a toy and he'll entertain you for hours with his antics! Sanju has had trouble finding a home because although he is friendly, you have to let him approach you first. Sanju is a feisty boy who loves people on his own terms and we're certain there’s a home out there where he'll fit right in! If you'd like to give Sanju a home where he has access to lots of toys and more importantly, love, please contact us today!


Asvin is a gorgeous 1.5 year-old calico who came to us with her sister Astra as a young kitten in need of medical attention and deworming. Asvin and her sister have fully recovered since then and have been waiting to find their ideal homes. Asvin is a little shy, but once she warms up to you, she'll love you forever! She's a beautiful indie who is used to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, but she would just as easily adjust to living indoors. She gets along well with other cats and maintains no opinion about dogs (she's totally indifferent to them!). If you would like to make Asvin a part of your family, please write to us today!


Asvin can also be adopted with her sister Astra. They have different personalities yet share an abundant amount of love to give, and they get along really well with each other! If you think you'd like to welcome these gorgeous calico twins into your home, do let us know!


Astra and her sister Asvin came to us last year as tiny kittens needing treatment for their wormload. Now fully recovered, Astra and her sister are looking for their perfect forever homes! Astra is an indie who is ideally suited to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle -- coming and going as she pleases but will also adjust well to being an indoor cat. She's a bold and playful young 1.5 year old beauty who would do well both by herself and in the company of other cats. Astra gets along very well with other cats and has a live-and-let live philosophy where dogs are concerned. If you would like to give Astra a home, please write to us today!


Astra can also be adopted with her sister Asvin. They have different personalities but the same, abundant amount of love to give, and they get along really well with each other! If you think you'd like to welcome these gorgeous calico twins into your home, do let us know!


Kittu is a handsome 1-year old cat who came to RESQ as a tiny little kitten. Now that he is healthy and happy, he's been looking for a home to call his own! Kittu is a ladies man, and gets along very well with female cats. He is ideally suited for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle but would adjust very well being an indoor-only cat as well. Kittu is a purring machine who LOVES cuddles. If you'd like to make a cuddler like Kittu a part of your family, please write to us today!


Eva was rushed to us after our Lonavala team received a report about a calf that had been hit by a vehicle. The accident had caused severe and irreparable damage to her hind leg, needing an urgent amputation to prevent infection from spreading through her already fragile body. 2-month old Eva has been a fighter during her recovery and is now ready to face the world head-on! This sweet calf is a little timid at first, but quickly makes friends and will follow you around once she’s grown comfortable with you. Even on 3 legs, Eva can outrun you if you give her the chance. Do you think your farm could use a tenacious sweetheart like Eva? If so, please write to us!


Timmy is a gorgeous 4-year old pet cat who somehow got caught in a neighbourhood cat fight and sustained bite wounds on his foreleg. Unfortunately, Timmy's owners didn't take him to a vet for treatment, and instead chose to self-medicate with the wrong over-the-counter medicine... and when the wound inevitably worsened, they chose to abandon him. Timmy came to us in a LOT of pain, but thanks to our talented vets and some much-needed medical treatment, we were able to save his injured leg. Displaying immense strength in the face of such physical and emotional suffering, a fully recovered Timmy is now looking for a new forever home to call his own! He is a cuddly, extremely friendly, food-motivated cat who will have conversations with you (just say something to him and wait as he meows back!), and is just looking to be loved.  Won't you give Timmy the happy future he deserves? To adopt him, please contact us now!