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This ole boy was found abandoned in Wakad. His looks and demeanor remind us so much of our dear Grandpa Lucky, that we just melted at the sight of him and decided that we would make him one of our own.

Ashton was paralyzed and unable to stand. He would lie in one spot and soil himself. His condition was absolutely pitiful; but then we started treating him. After a strict diet for weight loss, effective pain medication and laser therapy, Ashton is absolutely revving to go! He walks independently now, and is very motivated by the company of women. Especially women who will give him his favourite treats!

This adorable old timer is now part of RESQ, but we wouldn't say no to anyone who would be able to give him a happy home. Come say hi to him sometime, we're sure you will fall in love with him, as we did!


Seven months old and unable to walk… Happy's story has not been a happy one so far.

Happy the Golden Retriever did not ask to be born like this. Insatiable consumer demands (because that's what dogs are to some people; just consumer goods) and indiscriminate breeding, has left Happy with bilateral hip dysplasia. His hips are just too shallow to support and anchor his legs. Happy is not even a year old but this poor soul is in severe pain when he tries to get up and walk. And if his physical hurt was not enough, Happy was ABANDONED by his previous owners, undoubtedly because they could not or did not want to deal with a dog which couldn't lead a normal life.

Everyone here at RESQ is trying their utmost best to ensure that Happy does not have to live in pain and distress. He gets supportive pain management, plentiful supplements, a good diet, lots of exercise, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and above all else, loads of love. You too can help Happy improve his chances of walking and living a normal life if you choose to make him a part of your family!


Pegasus was brought to RESQ with a wound on her leg caused due to friction with rope. The harsh texture of rope cut deep into her leg, creating a large wound, which did not take long to get infested with maggots. 

This beautiful pony was in excruciating pain when she was first admitted. Several hundred maggots were removed painstakingly from her wound. She was started immediately on pain relief and antibiotics. 

Her wound is slowly taking a turn for the better and she isn't in as much pain now.

If you're interested in adopting this beautiful horse, contact us on for more details!


Sierra was rescued from a horrific living situation and brought to RESQ. Her previous owners absconded from their house and left her locked up in a first floor balcony! Neither the watchman of the building or any of the residents had any idea how she survived for a month and half with no steady source of food and no caretaker. 

Thankfully, Sierra is neither physically or emotionally damaged by her experience. She is a super friendly, super energetic Lab cross. She loves attention, treats and playtime. 

If you're interested in adopting this beaituful girl, please fill out the Dogs' Adoption Typeform and we will get back to you.


It really makes us wonder how this beautiful Doberman girl practically lost her nose.. Young, vulnerable, bleeding and miserable. This is how Judy the Doberman came to RESQ. She was found on a cold night, curled up tightly, her sparse and short coat not very effective against the chill. On being coaxed to get up, blood and maggots fell out of her nostril. Yes, maggots had eaten away at one half of her nasal passage :(! 

And yet this brave girl stood calmly and strongly throughout her initial wound cleaning and dressing. 

Why did an innocent being like Judy have to go through this heartbreak of abandonment and pain? We'll probably never know. But we know that we have the capacity to make her better so that's what we are going to do. 

If you'd like to give this lovely girl a new home, all you have to do is fill out our Adoptions Typeform 


Cycle took it to his head one day to follow his insticts and it definitely brought him to the right place. This mischievous young dog just sauntered into RESQ one day and we realized that he was limping with his left hind leg.

The break turned out to be an old one so Cycle was neutered. He keeps wandering back to the RESQ Centre and whenever we see him, he is fed some supplements so that he can support his weight better on his injured leg.

And if you'd like to adopt this sweetheart, all you need to do is fill our Adoption Typeform!


Dennis was brought to RESQ with his femur fractured. The bone had snapped off right at the neck. This caused elongation of the leg and the limb would drag along the ground. There was no way to save the leg except to amputate it. 

Ordinarily it is very difficult for cats to adjust to a normal life without a hind leg. They require their hind legs when they are climbing or jumping, to escape from predators and to find food. Thus, with one leg amputated, Dennis was added to the RESQ Rehoming Centre. 

To look at, Dennis most certainly doesn't seem like he is a special needs animal. He will get to wherever he needs, as long as he is motivated by food. When not doing that, he tries to get everyone's attention and love and cuddles. Have important work to do? You don't; if Dennis has decided thay he needs your love. His favourite ploy is to lie across anyone's book or laptop and ensure that no productive work gets done. 

He has a sweet and winsome personality and gets along with just about anyone. If you'd like to adopt Dennis, please fill out the Cats' Adoption Typeform


One day we received a call about the sound of a young puppy along the slope of a hill. Our teams found a small brown puppy, barely a month old, struggling all by herself with no sign of her mother or siblings. She was brought to the RESQ centre and named Jill. 

Jill was hand raised at first, needing to be fed every four hours. Now she is being raised at the RESQ Rehoming Centre and is really showing off a fiery personality alongside her precocious good looks. 

She is curious and brave and urges just about anyone and anything to play with her. She can also be a bully sometimes because of her assertiveness. She loves attention and treats and is a steady learner.

If you're interested in adopting Jill, the next step in your way is filling our Adoption Typeform!


Luna loves people and attention. After being rescued from the dog meat trade in Mizoram, Luna often seeks love and assurance from those she trusts. She's a 2-year-old cutie who loves to play and go on walks. But most of all, she would love the chance to welcome her family home. If you'd like to receive the warmest of welcomes every single day, please consider adopting Luna. To do so, please write to us today!


Michael is one of the older RESQ Warriors at 9-years-old and has seen a lot of unhappiness. Now that he's been rescued from the dog meat trade in Mizoram and is at the RESQ Centre, he's finally learning what happiness is. This senior boy is a quiet gentleman who loves meals and naps. But what he wants most in the world is a special family that will love him. If you're looking for a napping partner, Michael may just be the right dog for you! To adopt this sweet boy, please write to us today!