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Xander was found wandering abandoned, severely undernourished and with wounds all over his skinny body. The skin on one of his paws has been completely torn off (very likely because of a road accident), his tail has been bitten off due to territorial attacks, his eyes have an odd discharge because he’s been out in the freezing cold for so long, and his body is covered with a horrifying number of scars and half-healed scabs… which means that this poor dog has been out on the streets for a VERY long time. Xander is currently receiving intensive treatment at RESQ, and once he has healed and gained a little weight, he will be ready to find true happiness with a loving family that will treat him with the kindness and affection he deserves. Xander is a young Caravan Hound who is unbelievably loving, friendly, and trusting. He loves human company and will often walk up to people and offer his injured paw as if to say, "Hey, hooman... I've hurt my paw. Won't you kiss my boo-boo away?" 

If you'd like to have your life brightened with this cutie's endless supply of love, please fill in our adoption form now and our team will contact you soon!


Kacey is playful, active, and quite frankly one of the happiest dogs we have ever encountered -- in essence, this 3 to 5 year-old girl is a typical Labrador. She adores walking, playing, running about, playing with rubber balls and rope toys, and being surrounded by love. 

Although Kacey has endured some trauma on account of being abandoned, her pain has only made her stronger, adding even more flavour to her already colourful personality. Kacey will need an experienced family that can give her that extra TLC she so dearly needs. If you are an experienced dog parent who is looking to fill your home with the love and joy only our Kacey can bring, please contact us now!


Google was purchased as a puppy because of the stereotypes surrounding the Pitbull breed, and then abandoned when his owners realized that he was no good as a ‘guard’ or ‘fighter’ dog, and that he was simply too sweet and friendly. This little marshmallow of a dog is currently receiving a WHOLE lot of hugs and cuddles in a loving, enriching environment that sees him as a being and not a trophy. He is currently on the hunt for a loving family that will treasure him for the wonderful dog he is, and show him that he #belongs. Won’t you be that family for him?

Google is hesitant at first, but once he's overcome the initial bout of shyness, he's quite the attention-seeker! He loves a good cuddle, and will do anything to be the centre of your world :)



Little Lisa was found abandoned and confused, her eyes constantly searching for the family that threw her away like garbage – all because she had contracted a perfectly treatable skin condition! She needed regular medicated baths and a LOT of love and care to help heal both her physical and emotional state, and after some much-needed care at RESQ, she is well on her way to complete recovery! She is approximately 7 months old, very friendly, and is now looking for her forever home.


Barney is a young, friendly St. Bernard boy who came to us with a slight limp in his leg, and an empty void in his heart. Like so many others, Barney was abandoned by his family for reasons we cannot and will never fully understand. He suffers from hip dysplasia, which is a deformity of the hip joint that occurs during an animal’s growth period, and is common in large breed dogs like St. Bernards. With some physiotherapy and both physical and emotional enrichment, this sweet boy is now ready to find a forever family that will love and treasure him!


In a misguided attempt at animal rescue, Benzy the cat was forced to fall from a high coconut tree and suffered an extremely painful fracture on his leg. Our team found him and rushed him to the RESQ Centre, where, barely 15 days later, little Benzy was back on his feet! Surgery was successful, his injuries have healed completely, and he is now ready to find a family that will love and cherish him :) He is approximately 1.5 years old, and is an extremely intelligent and curious boy. Would you like to be his forever family? If so, please fill in our Cat Adoption Form, and our team will contact you soon!


Gigi is a 6-year old Pug who was most likely used for breeding, until she inevitably outlived her usefulness and was discarded like a faulty product. Aside from the trauma of neglect and abandonment, Gigi also suffers from corneal ulcers, which is often caused by open sores or trauma in the eyes, resulting in compromised vision and horrific pain. Fortunately, she was reported to RESQ, and we rushed her to our Centre before her condition could worsen. She then received 24-hour medical care, eye-drops, supplements, and a whole lot of love for a few weeks, after which she bounced back like an absolute star, and was ready to find her forever home! Gigi is EXTREMELY friendly, loving, and cuddly beyond belief. Won't you be her forever family?


Garfield survived a hit-and-run, and had suffered a fracture at two different points in his leg as a result. When he first came to the RESQ Centre, not only was he in immense pain, but he was also severely dehydrated and battling an infection, and was practically on the verge of death. His leg was so badly damaged, we knew we had no choice but to amputate it. Thankfully, with some loving care and medical attention (not to mention Garfield's own fighting spirit), we nursed him back to health, and he was back on 3 legs in barely 2 months’ time! Now, Garfield is the happiest, cuddliest little 6-year old you will ever see. Despite the fact that he has been looking for his forever family for nearly a year, he embraces each new day with a smile on his face, and is one of the happiest cats we've ever seen! He's a truly special cat that effortlessly personifies that fighting spirit we love so much. Not only is Garfield a cool cat, but he's also SUPER affectionate and will do anything for a cuddle. Just sing to him, "If you're happy and you know it, say--" and hear him respond with "MEOWW!"


Mel was abandoned because she suffered from a perfectly treatable skin condition. What is especially distressing about her case is that apart from this skin condition, she was in the peak of health! After two weeks of medicated baths and treatment, Mel made a complete recovery, and no longer has a skin condition. She is now looking for a forever family that will give her the life she so well deserves :) She is between 7 to 8 years old, is very loving, friendly with both people and dogs, and loves to play up to a certain point.


Moana is a stunning Labrador girl who was abandoned because she contracted an easily treatable skin condition, and was most likely discarded by a breeder. She is extremely friendly and loving, and has now made a complete recovery!