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Fending for himself on the streets of Pune almost cost this Persian cat his life! 


A concerned reporter brought an almost unrecognisable Persian cat to RESQ three days ago. The cat was a victim of a hit and run and both his front legs were injured. Besides his injuries, the poor cat's fur was dirty, grimy and terribly matted. We took him in and we have named him Zorawar. 


Luck must be on this spunky cat's side because he hasn't sustained any fractures in the accident. He does have a nasty wound on his right foreleg. Pain, along with the stress of being in a new environment, made him a very hostile cat. However, he is slowly learning to trust his caregivers and his temperament continues to mellow with each passing day. 


We are confident that Zorawar's physical wounds will heal well but we also know that this special boy needs someone to take him home and show him what unconditional love really is about. If you'd like to adopt this beautiful cat, please fill out our Adoption Typeform!



Thanos is an unfortunate cat who was abandoned at RESQ in the dead of the night alongside his brother Meteos. The two cats were left at RESQ's gate in individual cat crates in the month of November. They had no protection against the rain and the cold. There were identical notes attached to each crate describing that their owner would not be able to look after the animals. It was mentioned that the cats are 7 years old, vaccinated, neutered and need to go home togteher as they are brothers. 

It bothers us SO MUCH that the owner of these cats could do so much for these animals for close to a decade and then decided to show no spine or integrity and tell us openly that they were not capable of continuing to care for the cats. We at RESQ have always believed that there is always another option besides abandoning an animal.

If you wish to adopt Thanos, his brother or BOTH these wonderful cats, all you have to do is fill our Adoption Typeform



Panther was brought to RESQ with a wound on his leg caused due to friction with rope. The harsh texture of rope cut deep into her leg, creating a large wound, which did not take long to get infested with maggots. 

This beautiful pony was in excruciating pain when he was first admitted. Several hundred maggots were removed painstakingly from his wound. He was started immediately on pain relief and antibiotics. 

His wound is slowly taking a turn for the better and he isn't in as much pain now. If you would like to contribute towards Panther's medical care while he is at RESQ, please click the Donate button below.

If you're interested in adopting this beautiful horse, contact us on for more details!


Cycle took it to his head one day to follow his insticts and it definitely brought him to the right place. This mischievous young dog just sauntered into RESQ one day and we realized that he was limping with his left hind leg.

The break turned out to be an old one so Cycle was neutered. He keeps wandering back to the RESQ Centre and whenever we see him, he is fed some supplements so that he can support his weight better on his injured leg.

And if you'd like to adopt this sweetheart, all you need to do is fill our Adoption Typeform!


Dennis was brought to RESQ with his femur fractured. The bone had snapped off right at the neck. This caused elongation of the leg and the limb would drag along the ground. There was no way to save the leg except to amputate it. 

Ordinarily it is very difficult for cats to adjust to a normal life without a hind leg. They require their hind legs when they are climbing or jumping, to escape from predators and to find food. Thus, with one leg amputated, Dennis was added to the RESQ Rehoming Centre. 

To look at, Dennis most certainly doesn't seem like he is a special needs animal. He will get to wherever he needs, as long as he is motivated by food. When not doing that, he tries to get everyone's attention and love and cuddles. Have important work to do? You don't; if Dennis has decided thay he needs your love. His favourite ploy is to lie across anyone's book or laptop and ensure that no productive work gets done. 

He has a sweet and winsome personality and gets along with just about anyone. If you'd like to adopt Dennis, please fill out the Cats' Adoption Typeform


One day we received a call about the sound of a young puppy along the slope of a hill. Our teams found a small brown puppy, barely a month old, struggling all by herself with no sign of her mother or siblings. She was brought to the RESQ centre and named Jill. 

Jill was hand raised at first, needing to be fed every four hours. Now she is being raised at the RESQ Rehoming Centre and is really showing off a fiery personality alongside her precocious good looks. 

She is curious and brave and urges just about anyone and anything to play with her. She can also be a bully sometimes because of her assertiveness. She loves attention and treats and is a steady learner.

If you're interested in adopting Jill, the next step in your way is filling our Adoption Typeform!


Pint sized puppy, Jack, is one of the biggest personalities at RESQ's Rehoming Centre. He is being well trained every single day and has the most wonderful recall and is very intelligent at picking up new skills and tricks.  He is sure to bring delight to any home he goes to.

If you'd like to adopt this precious puppy, fill out our Dogs' Adoption Typeform and we will get in touch with you!


Michael is one of the older RESQ Warriors at 9-years-old and has seen a lot of unhappiness. Now that he's been rescued from the dog meat trade in Mizoram and is at the RESQ Centre, he's finally learning what happiness is. This senior boy is a quiet gentleman who loves meals and naps. But what he wants most in the world is a special family that will love him. If you're looking for a napping partner, Michael may just be the right dog for you! To adopt this sweet boy, please write to us today!


We don't know how Tuli sustained her injury, but she came to RESQ with a damaged nerve which had caused her to drag her leg. Although we tried every single thing we could to save her leg, to ultimately give Tuli her best shot at living a happy and pain-free life, we had to amputate the damaged leg. Once Tuli fully recovers, she will be looking for a loving and understanding home that will welcome her for the amazing cat she is. She is a beautiful 2-year-old cat who is sweet and friendly, and would be best suited to a farmhouse where she can wander freely. The being said, Tuli would also adjust well to being indoors all the time — all she really needs is love and care. Please contact us today to adopt Tuli!


Timmy is a gorgeous 4-year old pet cat who somehow got caught in a neighbourhood cat fight and sustained bite wounds on his foreleg. Unfortunately, Timmy's owners didn't take him to a vet for treatment, and instead chose to self-medicate with the wrong over-the-counter medicine... and when the wound inevitably worsened, they chose to abandon him. Timmy came to us in a LOT of pain, but thanks to our talented vets and some much-needed medical treatment, we were able to save his injured leg. Displaying immense strength in the face of such physical and emotional suffering, a fully recovered Timmy is now looking for a new forever home to call his own! He is a cuddly, extremely friendly, food-motivated cat who will have conversations with you (just say something to him and wait as he meows back!), and is just looking to be loved.  Won't you give Timmy the happy future he deserves? To adopt him, please contact us now!