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Romeo is a 5-month old puppy who was found abandoned and with a severe case of gastroenteritis. After one month of treatment at RESQ, this fabulous little pupper has now recovered completely! He is an extremely friendly boy who loves people, dogs, and cuddles with equal enthusiasm. He loves to play, go on walks, and spend time with people. If you'd like to give this handsome Labrador-mix a chance at TRUE love and happiness, please contact us now!


Dumpling was found in tremendous pain with a history of blunt force trauma. He had been sneaking into people's homes and stealing food, but rather than shoo him away from the building, the building's watchman beat him. Dumpling has deep wounds on his abdomen and thigh, and we are working hard to help him recover to the best of his ability. Once recovered, Dumpling can't go back to the residential society he once lived in, and he has minimal chances of surviving on the streets... please consider saving his life by adopting him into your heart and home! He is 1.5 years old, brave beyond belief, and would do best in a single-cat household. For more information, please write to us on


Houndor met with a railway accident that cost him his leg. The railway areas aren't safe for him, and we can't release him back under the care of his reporters. Houndor needs your help now more than ever! Please consider adopting this 4-year old cutie who will dedicate his life unquestioningly to making you smile. Houndor is gentle and friendly, but will do well in a single-dog household. He loves human company and loves to feel a kind hand giving him a good head pat or chin rub!


Willow is approximately 6 months old, and is a Persian-cross kitten. She was either abandoned or ran away from home. While on the streets, she was attacked by neighbourhood cats and injured her right eye as a result. Because of the severity of the wound, we had to conduct an enucleation (surgical removal of the eye). Willow was extremely friendly and cooperative throughout treatment, and is quite frankly the bravest 6-month old kitty we’ve seen! She will need constant observation, daily dressing and eye-drops, after which she will be up for adoption to a loving family that will cherish her for the amazing cat she is. If you'd like to adopt her, please contact us now!


Sania the Pug was found abandoned and in an extreme state of neglect. She was suffering from a severe case of hip dysplasia that was left untreated for so long, that this poor girl could barely even walk. Fortunately, Sania was reported to us and we began treatment and physiotherapy immediately. Today, little miss Sania Mirja can be found running about the RESQ Centre without a care in the world! She adores human company, asks for very little in exchange for her boundless love and affection, and will do absolutely anything to make you happy. Sania has endured an extremely rough and unfair past... if you'd like to be the bright future she deserves, please contact us now!


Sweeny is a 3-year old Indie mix who is friendly, clever, and looking for a kind and understanding home that will fill his life with joy and love! Sweeny was found in a terrible situation: tied to a pole with a skin infection and a broken heart. He is working hard to overcome both physical and emotional wounds, after which he will soon be up for adoption! To know more about this handsome dog, please write to us at


Millie the calf was born prematurely. Her mother sustained severe injuries as the result of a hit-and-run and passed away, leaving little Millie orphaned... but not alone. With carefully planned nutrition and care, Millie today is a happy girl who loves to run and play about the RESQ Centre, but is also equally glad to enjoy some quiet down-time under the sun. Because she’s been hand-raised at RESQ, she is extremely friendly and curious, and loves human company!


When our team found Kylie, she was so scrawny and scared with barely any fur left on her body, wondering why her family would throw her out on the streets! This 4-month old Dobermann puppy had been abandoned because she contracted a skin infection -- a condition that could easily have been treated by a qualified vet. Thankfully, Kylie is now safe, warm, and loved in a place that cherishes her for the goofy little personality she is. Only a month ago, she had lost so much of her fur… but today, her coat (and confidence!) is quickly growing back, and she is now ready to open her heart to a loving family that will treat her with the love and care she deserves :) Would you like to be that family?


Nina is a brave Labrador girl who was used for breeding, and then abandoned when she contracted a disease because of it. Despite the pain of her past, this beautiful girl is an absolute FIGHTER who is working really hard to overcome her condition! Nina is extremely friendly, playful, and loving -- in fact, she is such a happy girl that it's almost impossible to tell that Nina has endured such hardships in her life. If you'd like to give this 5-year old fighter a second chance at love and happiness, please contact us now!


Leon is a handsome 8-year old senior dog who was found abandoned and in a lot of pain. Leon is a Pomeranian mix who is extremely intelligent, and would do well in a single-dog household. If you'd like to give him the happy life he deserves, please reach out to us now!